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Unitas Prosperitas (U.P.)


About The U.P. Program

Immaculata High School offers an array of comprehensive services that help our students access the general education curriculum while still meeting their individual needs. All students who have an Individualized Service or Accommodation Plan are assigned a dedicated guidance counselor who regularly checks in on their progress.

Classroom and assessment modifications and accommodations are tailored to your child's individual strengths. This tailored learning is coupled with the support of teachers specialized in differentiated instruction within a small class setting. Your child's plan is reviewed yearly by our team of board certified individuals: our school psychologist, learning disabilities teacher consultant, and Coordinator of Special Services.

It is not uncommon for students to be placed in different levels for each of their courses. Based on a combination of standardized test scores, middle school grades, and the High School Placement Test, we provide level placement (Essentials, College Prep, or Honors) recommendations for the core subjects of Math, English, and Science. Furthermore, students with demonstrated ability can advance to higher level courses during each of their subsequent high school years. In conjunction with you and your family, we will ensure the most up to date and accurate methods in helping your son or daughter reach UP to their full potential!

A Tradition of Caring

Immaculata has a time-honored tradition of nurturing students who may struggle in their study skills and comprehension. Partnering with parents, students, and our Coordinator of Special Services, our teachers work to provide students who have a history of academic struggles, an IEP or ISP classification, or learning disability with the tools they need to succeed in high school and beyond. Our goal is to support each student to be the best they can be during their journey at Immaculata.

Program Features

  • Child Study Team including: Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant; Supplemental Instruction Teacher; Speech Pathologist; School Psychologist
  • Full access to all school programs and activities
  • One-to-one Chromebook program
  • Small Class Sizes
  • Peer Tutoring
  • Regular check-ins with a dedicated guidance counselor who is familiar with your child's needs
  • A Student Success Center providing supplemental instruction and additional student support
  • Course selection tailored to student strengths
  • After-school assistance for students experiencing academic challenges

Proven Results

If college is part of your child's future plans, we want to help make that plan a reality. Our most recent graduates included classified students who were accepted into and now attend nine different four-year colleges. Together, these students earned nearly one million dollars in scholarship money.

Coordinating Success

Guidance Unitas Prosperitas

Immaculata High School Coordinator of Special Services, Mrs. Christine Kretz, began her tenure at our school in August of 2018. Mrs. Kretz is a board certified School Counselor for the state of New Jersey with experience in both private and public high schools. She has experience with regular and students requiring special services and college planning for both.

Mrs. Kretz's experience in the educational field provided her opportunities to work with a wide spectrum of students and programs that all put the educational needs of the child first. She looks to continue Immaculata's long tradition of building strong relationships with students and their families through ongoing communication with all involved in the students' academic success.