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Monsignor J. Nevin Kennedy

IHS Director

Msgr Nevin KennedyMsgr. Kennedy was literally at the cornerstone of the building of Immaculata High School. A young priest assigned to Immaculate Conception Parish, he can clearly be seen in the background of the photo snapped as the school founder, Msgr. Eugene B. Kelly, officially launched the construction of the new high school in the early 1960ʼs. He would serve as the schoolʼs director from 1985-2002 and lead this school through dynamic changes.

His kindness and quiet generosity were legendary. He was a frequent visitor to the high school, popping by for lunch, a concert, an induction, nearly every sporting event, or a chat with the staff. He loved being a priest and cherished the power of prayer. Msgr. Kennedy was devoted to the Blessed Mother and was a passionate fan of all Immaculata Spartan sports.

Under his directorship, Immaculata had two capital campaigns and expanded from one to three buildings, adding a music wing, science labs, weight room, computer labs, and math classrooms. His respect for the IHM Sisters and lay faculty who taught our Spartans was palpable and his support (financial, spiritual, and emotional) for Immaculata was genuine. Immaculata was truly blessed to have Msgr. Kennedy as its second director and knows that true to his signature line, “Iʼll be right back” that Msgr. Kennedy, though no longer with us, will always be hovering over his beloved Immaculata.