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1998: King Arthur

Featuring selections from DragonHeart, Robin Hood and First Knight

dragon heartrobin hoodfirst knight

lizwDrum Majors: Antonia Altomare and Dan Gonda

As Arthur approached the great sword for the third and final time, he extended his right hand and drew the sword from the stone anvil. At long last, a legacy began - anew King of England was chosen. As loss of queen and country befell Arthur, his final struggle with the Black Knight culminates the saga of the Everlasting King. The Immaculata High School Spartan Marching Band presents "The Legend of Arthur."

richaAct I - King Arthur's Coronation
Act II - King Arthur's Celebration
Act III - Lancelot and Lady Guinevere's Love Song
Act IV - Arthur and Lancelot's Battle
Act V - Arthur's Death and Lancelot's Coronation

1998 Competition Results

Date Location Score
9/26 Piscataway 76.7
10/3 Somerville 93.3
10/4 Philadelphia Regional 83.9
10/11 NJ Regional 86.3
10/18 Trenton St. Regional 88.5
10/25 Hillsborough 89.4
11/1 Union 93.5
@ Giants Stadium