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2003: Adiemus

Beyond the Century: Selections from Adiemus

Drum Majors: Michael Patullo and Andrew Stankiewicz

Act 1 - Song of the Plains
Song of the Plains will open our 2003 Program and will feature the talents of the IHS Brass section.

Act 2 - Math was a Wizard
Math was a Wizard is a short, fun piece that is bound to have you tapping your feet.

Act 3 - Song of Aeolus
Song of Aeolus will provide opportunities for the winds and guard to stand out while featuring the IHS percussion section.

Act 4 - Beyond the Century / Song of Tears
This combination of two ballads will feature the IHS color guard.

Act 5 - Mare Crisium
Mare Crisium will be an up tempo ending to our 2003 program.

2003 USSBA Competition Results

Date Location Score
9/20 Piscataway 72.25
9/27 Roselle Park 77.55
10/4 Somerville 84.2
10/12 Edison 85.65
10/19 Trenton Regional 90.45
10/25 USSBA Group 5 Open Championships 97.6
11/2 NJ State Championships 96.15