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IHS Helps To Launch 'SMART' Phoned Program (1)

IHS Helps to Launch 'SMART' Phoned Program
Posted on 11/02/2018
SMART program 2 girlsA few dozen senior citizens at Centerbridge II are a lot “smarter” about their phones, thanks to an innovative program run through Immaculata’s Campus Ministry Program. Recently, a few students, accompanied by Coordinator of Outreach Programs Rich Grieshaber, went to the senior citizen housing facility in Bridgewater and met with residents who signed up to learn more about their SMART phones. “We divided the groups into those who needed help with texting, photos, emails, and other phone features and each one of our student 'experts' met with a group. Within an hour the residents had resolved their questions and were thrilled at how easy the students had made it seem,” says Grieshaber.

Next the group headed off to selected areas with Centerbridge personnel, where the students tackled issues with WiFi, printers, and computers. The students again impressed those participating with their knowledge and gracious assistance. By the time the Spartans were ready to leave, Centerbridge II Program Director Laura Delia greeted them, relating the accolades of the even “SMART”er residents and an invitation to come back in late November for another session. “One of the residents even said to me, ‘this changed my life!’ Some of our people who could not come the last time are eagerly awaiting the return of the Immaculata students. We were very appreciative of their help.” Immaculata freshman Sydney Jaderlund echoed the residents’ feelings. “We had so much fun teaching everyone and can’t wait to do it again.”