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Immaculata Class Visits Crime Lab

Criminal Justice Students Gets a Close-Up Look at Law Enforcement Technology
Posted on 11/12/2018
Crime LabImmaculata students in Mr. Dimino’s Introduction to Criminal Justice class recently got a front row seat to view some of the many aspects of criminal justice. Thanks to the staff at the Somerset County Police Academy and Forensics Building, these Spartans viewed the Academy's Shooting Scenario Simulator. They learned that the simulator presents over 1000 different scenarios, simulating what police may be exposed to working in the field.

”What was fascinating was seeing the simulator in action,” says senior Sulaiman Jalloh, who plans a career in law enforcement. “Our instructors also emphasized strategies in dealing with gun-related situations. It really opened my eyes to how important simple communications is. It just reinforced what Mr. Dimino tells us in class. He is a retired Captain from the Bridgewater Police Department and some of the best parts of the course are when he shares his actual experiences.”

Next on the agenda was crime scene processing and forensics. Students spent some time dusting fingerprints and identifying the different types of fingerprint classifications. “What we liked about the program was that it was so realistic and allowed us to test out some of the latest technology,” recalls Christian Callahan, a senior who will major in Criminal Justice.

“I learned many new things that I would've never thought of until I was actually able to experience it for myself. Our society doesn't always understand the risk that police officers take every single day when they get up in the morning and put on their uniforms. This program was very enlightening,” sums up Jacqueline Zayle.