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Cold Fusion excels at FIRST Mid Atlantic Robotics Championship

Cold Fusion excels at FIRST Mid Atlantic Robotics Championship
Posted on 04/09/2019
Robotics ChampionshipCold Fusion, Team 1279, wrapped up an amazing season with an incredible weekend at the Mid-Atlantic Robotics (MAR) Championship. They entered the competition as the 53rd ranked team out of the 128 teams in MAR. After the qualifying round, Cold Fusion was ranked 50th out of 60 teams, but they impressed many of their competitors with their clean, aggressive defense. In the alliance selection process, Team 1279 was the 2nd pick of the 5th seeded alliance. They went up against the 4th seeded alliance in the quarter finals and beat them two matches to none. Next they then went up against the first seeded alliance and swept them as well, earning a trip to the finals!

In the finals, the alliance of which Cold Fusion was a part, lost two matches to none, but put up a good showing. As a result, the Immaculata team improved its overall season ranking from 53rd to 22nd. They missed out on qualifying for the World Championships by four spots in the rankings.

Al Kedersha, Cold Fusion moderator and Immaculata science teacher, said, “I can't tell you how proud I am of our students and mentors for their hard work and enthusiasm throughout the build and competition seasons. They demonstrated perseverance, creativity and spirit as they overcame obstacles and devised creative solutions to problems. This group represents the very best of Immaculata.”