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Crazy Sock Day

Crazy Sock Day
Posted on 03/26/2021
Crazy Sock Day poster

Immaculata’s Campus Ministry, Pro-Life Club and Student Council recently joined forces to sponsor a “Crazy Sock Day” fundraiser to benefit Gigi’s Playhouse in Hillsborough.

Ben MorrisGigi’s Playhouse is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote a world-wide view that is positive, affirming and life-giving regarding the Down Syndrome individual. The Playhouse encourages loving acceptance and affirmation of Down Syndrome individuals of all ages, and their families by providing for them a variety of free educational and support programs, both in-person and online, as well as a multitude of volunteer opportunities.

Gigi’s Playhouse in Hillsborough was founded by Erin Morris, mother of two Immaculata students, Amelia (Mia) and Jack. Mrs. Morris embraced this passionate pursuit on behalf of Down Syndrome individuals after the birth of her son, Ben, who is a Down Syndrome individual.

Mia, with a few other students, worked with Campus Ministry and the Pro-life Club, with the help of the Student Council, to support a “Crazy Sock Day” fundraiser during school hours.

“Crazy Sock Day” is a world-wide initiative to generate awareness of the unique gifts and talents of the Down Syndrome individual. The theme was created because chromosomes are shaped “like socks” and people with Down Syndrome have an extra chromosome. National Down Syndrome Awareness day was celebrated on March 21, 2021.

Crazy Sock DayStudents colored “crazy sock templates” which were creatively displayed on the wall outside the cafeteria to mark the day!