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Chemistry Class Performed A Christmas “Miracle”

Chemistry Class Performed A Christmas “Miracle”
Posted on 12/23/2020
Chemistry Class

In chemistry class, students were treated to a couple of chemistry Christmas “miracles”. First, a brave volunteer (who didn’t realize what they were in for), graciously sat in the front of class, while Mr. Castellano poured a large cup of water back and forth between three cups, eventually eliminating cups until there was only one. With no chance to escape their predicament, the student suddenly found Mr. Castellano pouring the cup over their heads...only to find the water mysteriously vanished! Sodium polyacrylate, which absorbs an astounding amount of water, came to their rescue. Students were then asked to perform their own experiments, adding a cup of water to a seemingly small amount of powder. Within seconds, the powder expanded a thousand-fold, spilling out of the cup and filling an entire pie pan. This “magic” snow was an early Christmas present the students got to take home and explore. Finally, an exploration of chromatography was on full display, as students decorated paper Christmas lights with washable markers, then used water to make the various dyes travel and separate into their various components throughout the light. These were taken home and hopefully strung by the chimney with care.

Christmas Miracle

Merry Christmas!